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Our Services

At Township Laser Center we treat unwanted hair with the most highly acclaimed equipment produced in the field, the widely acclaimed Palomar Pulsed Light Systems technology. With this specialized equipment, pulses of filtered light are directed onto the skin and absorbed by the hair follicles. Pulsed-light systems and lasers are similar and remove hair basically in the same way. However, the Palomar Pulsed Light Systems uses an even more advanced technology that removes hair up to ten times faster than lasers. That translates to shorter treatments and greater efficiency for our patient

What we do

Many teenagers today are conscious of their appearance. Laser Hair Concepts contributes to enhanced self-confidence and elevated self-esteem. Common areas in which laser hair removal procedures are performed for both men and women include: Back, Bikini Line, Neck, Underarm, Female Abdominal and Upper Lip.

Palomar Photofacials

In addition to hair removal, photofacials are also offered for the treatment of sun damaged skin (pigmentation spots), age spots, Rosacea (general inflammation of the cheeks and face) and visible veins.

Technological Advances

With the recent advances in technology and the great successes achieved through laser hair removal , the procedures have become increasingly popular among both men and women, of all ages.