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The Top 4 Benefits to Stem Cell Therapy

Written By Tropical Chiropractic Group on October 26, 2018

In recent years, stem cell therapy has grown in popularity and esteem.


It offers patients relief from chronic pain and injuries that aren’t healing properly, and all without requiring risky surgeries or medication. 

As researchers continue to find new and exciting ways to use stem cells, we thought we’d take a look at the top 5 benefits of this therapy.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy? 

This therapy uses your own stem cells to help repair injuries and damaged tissue. It can: 

  • Increase collagen 
  • Decrease nerve damage
  • Reduce pain, including chronic joint pain
  • Speed up the healing process of wounds and injuries 
  • Increase flexibility, range of motion, and functionality 
  • Help patients get back to their everyday activities quickly and simply 

5 Benefits to Using Stem Cells 

1. Treats Orthopedic Injuries 

Studies highlight how certain stem cells have the ability to form new tissues that make up ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones, and muscle. This means stem cell injections are able to improve functionality, heal stubborn injuries, and reduce chronic pain in patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. This includes those with shoulder, neck, or knee pain. 

2. Heals Wounds and Injuries 

As stem cells are able to form all of these different tissues and cells, they can stimulate hair growth, boost collagen production, regenerate skin tissue, and create healthy tissue in place of scars. It can facilitate wound healing and treat connective tissue injuries that are caused by cartilage/collagen loss (onset by overuse or osteoarthritis, for example). 

3. Removes the Need for Surgery 

By being able to restore various parts of the body, stem cells may remove a patient’s need for surgery. They may also offer hope in cases where tissues have been deemed “irreparable” in the past. 

4. Minimally-Invasive 

Stem cells are injected into the site (often guided by an ultrasound), which means no invasive surgery is required. Patients are able to continue with their day-to-day activities without a lengthy hospital stay or recovery period. 

Discover Stem Cell Treatments Today!

As you can see, stem cells will allow you to live the pain-free life you deserve. And with no risky procedures or cocktail of drugs, you can take peace of mind that you’re taking a natural approach to your health.  

Ready to enjoy the benefits of stem cell therapy? Then get in touch with us today at 954-917-4343.

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