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Muscle Spasms Caused by Pinched Nerves

Written By Tropical Chiropractic Group on August 9, 2019

Woman with muscle spasms Drug-free, non-invasive treatment for excruciating pinched nerves.

When it comes to chronic back pain, few conditions are more painful than a pinched nerve. What’s more, pinched nerves are also closely related to muscle spasms – which are exceptionally painful as well. If you’re faced with both, you need immediate and effective treatment – and we can help!

At Tropical Chiropractic Group, we fully assess each patient to determine the appropriate course of action to quickly eliminate pain. For patients with muscle pinched nerves causing muscle spasms, our hope is to avoid the necessity of pharmacological muscle relaxers or other powerful drugs – or worse, invasive surgery.

Understanding Pinched Nerves

The term “pinched nerve” is thrown around quite a bit, but the underlying scientific description of this condition invokes a specific and highly-detailed treatment approach. Along the spine are millions of nerves. If surrounding bone, tissue, cartilage or tendons are out of place, this can create tenderness, inflammation, and pain.

Certain conditions can also increase the risk for pinched nerves, including any of the following:

  • Acute injury

  • Arthritis

  • Overuse

  • Obesity

  • Pregnancy

Unfortunately, muscle spasms often accompany a pinched nerve, resulting in unrelenting pain. At our Coconut Creek office, we offer a number of treatment solutions for our patients enduring this situation, including:

  • Adjustments to promote proper alignment

  • Massage therapy

  • Stretches and exercises to work on at home

  • Application of alternating heat and cold

Taking Care of Your Muscle Spasms Today

If you are enduring this painful condition, our trained chiropractic staff will work to alleviate the pain as quickly as possible. Our office not only offers the gamut of chiropractic arts techniques, but nutrition therapy, spinal decompression, and laser therapy as well.

Learn more about your options by contacting Tropical Chiropractic Care in Coconut Creek, FL today: 954-917-4343.

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