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5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor for Your Chronic Neck Pain

Written By Tropical Chiropractic Group on December 17, 2018

When you have a pain in the neck, it can disrupt your entire day. Chiropractic care offers neck pain treatment that is less invasive than many other pain treatments out there.

How Neck Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor Helps

Chiropractic care works by manipulating the spine in a way that relieves pressure and swelling. Your spine is connected to the nerves in your body, which is how adjustments work to relieve pain. 

You've retired and moved to Florida to enjoy the warmth of the sun, but now you're experiencing more aches and pains. As you age, your risk of degenerative diseases increases. You become more likely to develop things like osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis.

To treat these painful ailments, and reduce neck pain, chiropractic care is the answer

1. Decreases Pain Without Drugs

One benefit of chiropractic care for treatment of pain is that it works without the use of drugs or surgery. Studies show that people who regularly visit a chiropractor have reduced pain overall and are satisfied with the services they receive. 

The pain relief comes from the pressure being taken off your spine. Spinal adjustments allow for reduced inflammation, and inflammation is what causes most of the pain.

2. Longer Lasting Pain Reduction

Not only do spinal adjustments help relieve pain without medication, but it also offers a longer-lasting pain reduction than medication. Instead of masking the pain, you're correcting some of the issues causing the pain.

3. Improves Posture

Some of your neck pain could be due to poor posture. If you stand a lot but don't stand up straight, or you spend a lot of time sitting but aren't using an ergonomic chair, you're increasing pressure on your spine and not practicing good posture.

By properly aligning your spine, your back has a better chance at helping you stand up tall. Practicing good posture also helps with neck and back pain reduction.

4. Alleviates Headaches

Oftentimes, neck pains can come with headaches. Chiropractic care helps reduce the inflammation and tension that lead to headaches.

5. Increases Sleep

When you have less pain, you can sleep better. Neck pain treatment through your chiropractor will give a more comfortable night's sleep. Your body heals yourself during the sleep cycle, so it's important to get enough of it.

Setting up Your Neck Pain Treatment in Coconut Creek

Dr. Scott Herman is a certified chiropractor and has been working in the field since 1996. 

If you're in need of neck pain treatment, call Tropical Regenerative Medicine and Wellness at (954) 917-4343 to make an appointment

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