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5-Point Posture Checklist While at Your Desk

Written By Tropical Chiropractic Group on July 11, 2019

Man with bad computer postureComputer ergonomics: A relatively new concept based on centuries of common sense. In essence, proper sitting posture – and especially at the computer – is a requisite to a happy spine. Too much time in front of a screen in the wrong position can wreak havoc on your back, so consider this five-point checklist:

1. Face It

Your monitor, that is. Conventional wisdom dictates that a computer monitor should be eye level with its user to avoid unnecessary neck strain. While sitting at work, check to make sure you are sitting with your monitor directly in front of your eyes – not too low, not too high. By doing this, you can avoid the tenderness, stiffness, and pain that can occur when the neck stays in an unnatural position too long.

2. Ergonomic Computer Equipment

The term “ergonomic” is defined as “relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.” Working with not only an ergonomic chair, but an ergonomic computer keyboard and mouse can help reduce pain and strain for your hands and shoulders. Further, the use of foam pads for both the hand using the mouse and under the elbows is known to help prevent pain discomfort in these areas.

3. Posture Perfect

If your job requires hours at the desk, intentional mindfulness of posture is extremely important. First, avoid perching at the edge of your chair. Instead, sit all the way back such that your back is flush with the seat back. Also, remember not to cross your legs, and keep both feet firmly planted on the floor. If you are able to stand while at the computer, this is recommended to avoid back pain as well.

4. Rest Your Arms

Your arms are relatively heavy, and working at a chair with armrests can go a long way toward preventing unnecessary back and shoulder strain. If your office chair is adjustable (and a good ergonomic chair should adjust to your height and preferred position), be sure your arms are well supported throughout the day.

5. Relax

Easier said than done, we know. However, learning techniques to properly manage stress is one of the key ingredients to avoiding both pain and major health problems. If your job is exceptionally burdensome, consider breaking projects down into smaller tasks. Breathing techniques, aromatherapy, and routine massages are also helpful at keeping a peaceful balance.

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